Express Yourself!



Spring is busting out all over – Expressing itself unabashedly and with great gusto.

New life is showing up all around us with brilliant colors, luscious scents, and longer days. Makes me want to jump up and down and sing with excitement for these new beginnings!

Nature has a wonderful way of showing up, fearless, with enthusiasm and zeal. Have you ever met a tree that was embarrassed to lose it’s leaves, or a snowflake that had an identity crisis?
I think not.

Take it from nature and let your voice be heard, loud and clear, proclaiming yourself freely, and joyfully introducing the world to the amazing person you are.

How fitting that this month’s featured story is “Harold Finds a Voice”. A charming tale of a mimicking parrot who stumbles upon his own voice and discovers the joy in expressing himself.
Bonus… We make our very own parrot puppets! How cool is that!

Experiment with being expressive. Sometimes diving in, rather than testing the waters first, gives us that extra splash into our expression.

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Here’s to Expressing Yourself!

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