Let’s Make Homemade Instruments!



We love making homemade instruments here at Hello You! and what could be more fun than making music with your little bookworm with instruments you make together. The coolest thing about homemade instruments is that you can pretty much find in your own kitchen something that will double as a music maker. Clinking metal spoons together to make bell sounds, Tupperware drums (or shakers when filled with uncooked rice), or two wooden spoons to click together… the list goes on.

Here are some our favorites…

Materials List
Canisters of any size with a top that fits securely
We used an empty water bottle and an empty oatmeal canister
Uncooked Rice, Pebbles, Jelly Beans
Elmer’s Glue


Water Bottle Shaker
1 – Fill an empty water bottle with colorful Jelly Beans
2 – Paint the cap a bright and fun color. Let dry.
Leave the base of the water bottle clear so that the colors of the Jelly Beans show through.
3 – Fill the cap with Elmer’s Glue then screw onto the water bottle. Let dry. This will keep the Jelly Beans from coming out when shaken. Do not eat Jelly Beans once inside water bottle.
Shake, Shake, Shake

Empty Canister Shaker/Drum
1 – Decorate an empty canister with paint, fabric, stickers, ribbons, etc
2 – Paint the lid a bright and fun color. Let dry.
3 – Fill the canister with uncooked rice or pebbles . Each will make a different sound when shaken.
4 – Apply Elmer’s Glue to the inner side of the lid that will allow it to glue onto the canister. Let dry. This will help to keep the rice, pebbles, etc from coming out when shaken.
Shake, Shake, Shake… Or… use wooden spoons and tap on the lid… A drum!

These instruments should be used with adult supervision so that they do not harm our little Booksworms should the insides come out during use.

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