Let’s Make Sock Puppets!


Sock Puppets! 

Sock puppets are easy, fun, and most of the materials required you can find around the house. Puppets are great for storytime and make-believe. They come in handy for teaching moments, as well.

We love them and know that you will too!



– Sock of any kind, any color.

– Plastic Eyes – Available at most craft stores. We LOVE the googley ones that move.

– Construction paper – Various colors

– Glue Stick – We LOVE Elmers. Tends to dry faster and last longer.

– Paint & Paint Brush – It makes sense to offer all different size brush handles to your little ones. Bigger handles are easier to paint with.

– Scissors – Be sure to watch over your little bookworms when they are using scissors.

– Cardboard – Used to create a harder surface for Beak and Wings. You can use boxes, poster board, etc.

– Accessories – Feathers, felt, small hats, ribbon, etc. Go for it when it comes to accessorizing your puppet!



  • Find a clean sock
  • Glue stick the googley eyes onto the top side of sock. Let dry.
  • Put sock on hand so that you get a sense of where to add the rest of your details.
  • Draw top and bottom beak on cardboard and paint the tops and bottoms. Let dry and then cut out.
  • Draw wings on cardboard and paint top and bottom. Let dry and then cut out.
  • Cut a tongue shape to fit the insides of sock.
  • Glue top/bottom beak onto front of sock. Best to do this with sock on hand. Let dry on hand.
  • Glue wings onto sides of sock. Best to do this with sock on hand. Let dry on hand.
  • Glue tongue on inside of beaks. Best to do this while sock is on hand. Let dry on hand.
  • Remove sock and decorate. Add feathers for hair, ribbons, a hat. Go for it!


Have fun squawking, talking and singing with you new friend!

IMG_1816 Meet Harriet! SQUAAAAKKKK!

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