Let’s Make Watercolor Weather Scenes!

Watercolor Weather Scenes


Whether the Weather… we’re gonna have FUN!
Inside play-time cannot always be avoided so having a bullpen of activities to choose from can be a lifesaver.
Painting, (expressing ourselves through art), opens our minds, allowing us to look at situations creatively in a splashing paint on a canvas sort of way.

Bonus – another awesome piece of art for the wall or fridge!


Materials List

– A canvas – Paper, Cardboard, Posterboard
– Paints – Watercolor, Tempera, Washable Paints, etc.
– Brushes – We like to offer all sorts of different size brushes. Bigger handles are easier to work with.
– Music – Music can set the tone. We like to change it up. Classical, Rock, Country, Instrumentals, Show Tunes. It all works!

So, Grab your favorite CD, your materials and push play and… well… play!

Have Fun!

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