Meet Miss Me and Friends

Meet Miss Me

Miss MeHello You! I’m Miss me. I love to sing, I love to rhyme, but mostly, I love to read. Did you know that reading could be so much fun?

Who knows where the next story will take us?

The adventure will be getting there together!

‘Til we meet again…

Laura Beers

Laura BeersThe Co-Creator and Right-Hand Gal,
(and Miss Me’s BFF)

I spend time with Miss Me singing songs, reading stories, and planning what is next for Hello You!

Megan Bigelow

Megan BigelowThe Set Designer and Visual Team Leader

I decorate Miss Me’s house and make sure that Miss Me and her friends all look great!

Sean Harper

Sean HarperThe Director, Videographer, and Editor

I make it possible for you to visit and have fun with Miss Me every day!

Professor Ed M. Ology

Professor Ed M. OlogyThe Wizard of Whimsical Words

Whimsical words are my specialty, and I am categorically and unequivocally delighted to be able to share them with you!

Mimi the Fluttering Butterfly

Mimi the Fluttering ButterflyFluttering around discovering new places is what I do best. Where I end up is always a surprise!

Emmaleen the Green Caterpillar

Emmaleen the Green CaterpillarI love being green. But . . . I love, love, love that everyone I know is green, too! Together, we can make a difference in saving our planet and have fun doing it.

Lady Lyrical

Lady LyricalI co-write songs with Miss Me! I live in New York City so we laugh, sing and play together via Skype. I love Miss Me’s music and I’m so happy to be a part of The Hello You! Show