Let’s Make Sharing Hands!


Let’s Make Sharing Hands!

Sharing our passions, our ideas and our favorite things with others will bring a smile to your face and fill your heart with happiness. Teaching our little bookworms to share is an ongoing experiment that takes patience and starts with a safe and creative environment. Take some time to share ideas of your own on what you would put onto your sharing hands and invite your little bookworms to do the same. You just may be surprised as to what they have to share with you.


Materials List


Construction Paper of various colors


Glue Stick (I love Elmer’s… It lasts longer and allows for a smooth finish)

Scissors (be sure to watch over your little bookworms so that everyone is safe and sound)

Your hands (any size will work)



Trace your little bookworm’s hands onto a piece of construction paper and cut out

Write down with the marker what your little bookworm is passionate about sharing

Glue cut out hands onto a different colored piece of construction paper

Voila! Your Sharing Hands masterpiece is complete. It’s fun to display all of your Sharing Hands together


Sharing… It does a body good!



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