Spring Into Sharing!


It’s all about the sharing. Even Spring is sharing her sweet smelling flowers and melodic rain showers with us… And it is devine!

So whether its sharing your passions, sharing an awesome idea you have, or sharing your favorite things with someone else… Share, share, share!

Let’s face it, sharing takes courage, expressiveness, and kindness. It requires us to look outside of ourselves, wrap our arms around others, and invite them into our lives. Worth it? Ummm, YES!

And how else will our children learn the benefits of sharing if not from us as their teachers? I find that with children, sharing is an ongoing experiment. We try different ways to get them interested in sharing. Our patience is tried and our parenting skills challenged when our children refuse to share. We give rewards, high fives, hugs and kisses to show how proud we are when our children do share.  It really does come down to how we approach sharing. How we share.

Sharing is a learned skill. The more we share, the easier it becomes. Be creative, allow for negotiations, and most of all… Have fun!

When you share something… incredible things happen. You feel like smiling, your world gets bigger and your heart just may burst with aliveness.

So be bold. Be brave. Be kind. And share, share, share!


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