The Musical Sounds of Summer!

As summer approaches and schools are about to let out, I am reminded of summers of my own growing up.

What I remember most, (aside from flip flops, running through sprinklers, kites at the park and sand in my bathing suit), is the music. Our house was always filled with musical sounds and rhythmic beats.

The swishing and swashing of the washing machine, the bristling leaves of our backyard trees, the rolling wheels of matchbox cars, scooters and skateboards, the bouncing basketballs, the flying whistling whiffle balls, and the melodic laughter and zing of the screen door as it opened and closed with visits from our many friends and family. Ah, the musical sounds of Summer!

But it is the singing, the putting on of our own version of a Broadway Show, (always directed and starring my older brother with the ensemble made up of me, my sister, my three younger brothers and our many cousins that came and went all summer long), that I remember best. We didn’t have “real” instruments, yet as far back as I can remember, we made music.

Beating wooden spoons on pots and pans, humming on kazoo’s, whistling, metal forks ting, ting, a tinging, sticks tap, tap, a tapping and the shake, shake, shake of rice (Mom still wonders where her summer rice went) filled metal coffee cans that doubled as drums.

We made the most amazing memories making music those summers. It brought us all together as a family on those breezy, fresh grass mowed, corn-on-the-cob eating summer nights. Gathered around haphazardly on the back porch singing rounds of “Row, Row, Row, Your Boat” or the Opening Night of “The Sound of Music” in our garage, always ending with a standing ovation from our Dad.

This month we feature “Boom Bah!” our most popular episode to date. It’s all about making music, friends and memories. We hope this episode inspires you all in making summer memories of your own!

Wishing You All a Music Making Summer!

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