What is Hello You?

IMG_0104Created by Sandy D’Amato, Hello You! came directly from her experience reading to her daughter (which she did as often as she could). She discovered that when she sung the words, made up rhymes, or asked questions, her daughter was much more engaged. Sandy instinctively knew that this time with her daughter was creating a foundation for learning that was based in fun and curiosity. Her instincts turned out to be right: Research shows that children who are read to at a young age, in a fun and positive atmosphere, become smarter adults.*

In early 2010, Sandy combined her love of reading and music (she taught music development to hundreds of children), and passion to perform (she trained in acting at The Juilliard School), to launch The Hello You! Show, a Storytime Web Series.

In May 2011, Hello You! Entertainment was introduced in Europe and in fall 2011 became part of the bilingual curriculum at the San Juan De La Cruz Elementary school in Baeza, Spain. Over the last five years The Hello! You Show has reached families and schools all over the world, including the US, India, Europe and Australia.

The proof is in the pudding! Our little bookworms all over the globe are demonstrating that reading out loud to children—and mixing it up with music and fun—easily and comfortably introduces them to vocabulary, storytelling, intonation and presentation skills.

What is Sandy like at home? Addicted to laughter, Sandy loves doing jumping jacks and honestly can’t understand why more people don’t eat sauerkraut. Having grown up in New York, Sandy now resides in Northern California with her husband. Her daughter, a recent college graduate who speaks three languages, still loves to read. Sandy is certain that her daughter’s love of reading and learning is a direct result of the storytimes they shared.

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Let’s Read!

*Links to a few of the studies that support the idea that reading out loud to your child is important!